Road Conditions

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July 22, 2018 – Hwy. 89, Diamond Valley Rd., Foothill Rd., Emigrant Trail, Carson River Road and back to M’ville

Mark did this loop today and reported that the roads were for the most part okay but that there is quite a bit of dried mud, dirt and some gravel in places due to the recent thunderstorm activity. There was a private crew doing some clean up on Emigrant Trail. Keep an eye out for those rocks and such that may cause a flat or toss you from your bike if you’re caught off-guard.

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Post-thunderstorm detritus on Foothill Rd. Looking east from Emigrant Trail.

July 10, 2018 – Hwy. 89 and 4 (Markleeville to just past Chalmer’s Mansion)
Mark got out early this a.m. (about 6:30-ish) for a quick 20 mile round trip from HQ up to the little cemetary just past Chalmers Mansion. CalTrans is doing some clean-up of a slide that’s a bit past Chalmers. There is signage up with the ol’ “Prepare to stop” warning.  He also had a chance to talk to Clinton, the man in charge for CalTrans out of the Woodford’s location. Clinton mentioned his crew will be doing some clean-up of large rocks etc. later this week, in preparation for the Deathride this weekend. Other than that, nothing too terribly exciting to report.

June 6, 2018 – Ebbett’s Pass (Markeeville to Raymond Meadow Creek)
Mark took a longer lunch hour today and made the trek (or Trek, perhaps as he rides a Domane) up to Raymond Meadow Creek (7000′ elevation). This out and back is about 25 miles with about 1500′ of climbing. He reported no change to the road since our last post but did report that the lilacs are blooming, and producing some good sniffs, at Chalmers Mansion.

May 29, 2018 – Ebbett’s Pass (just past Chalmer’s Mansion)
Our founder, Mark Schwartz, took a quick ride for his lunch hour and went from Markleeville up Ebbett’s to the little cemetary on the side of the road, about 1 mile past Chalmer’s Mansion. This little “out & back” from town is about 19 miles round trip. He reported some “flooding” and “slide” signage but no active flooding or slides. Looked like some recent clean-up, he said.

May 27, 2018 – Monitor Pass 
Two (2) of our legacy members, Charlie Byrum and Chris Schull, rode both sides of Monitor today and reported no issues with the road – just a little issue with the weather at the top of the pass (34 degrees). They started at the Hwy. 4 and Hwy. 89 junction and rode to the 89/395 junction (and back, of course).




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