CAC Membership

Mark Schwartz, one of our founders, on Monitor Pass. Winter of 2016.

California Alps Cycling, founded in 2017, is about anything bike, having fun off the bike and about giving back to communities where we do our ‘thang.

This includes Adopt-a-Highway litter clean up events (twice so far in 2018) and contributions ($175 to date this year) to community groups and events including the Eastern Alpine Co. Volunteer Firefighters and the Alpine Co. Friends of the Library.

If you’re into the same kind of vibe, and you can spare $40.00 per year then we’d love to have you join our merry band of trouble makers.

Just fill out the form below, and give us $40.00 via PayPal and Mark will contact you if there are any missing pieces or when your membership has been approved!

Membership categories:

Founders or Founding Members are the original members of California Alps Cycling and remain members for life.

Legacy Members are those that joined soon after we were founded. Legacy members also remain members for life.

Active Members are those that are not Founding or Legacy Members.

Active Member – Annual Membership

Annual membership, by anniversary date. Your money goes towards cycling advocacy and events like road clean ups and such. We’ll spend it wisely, we promise!

Please note we are not a charitable organization so your $ is NOT tax deductible.

You DO GET 5% off all C.A.C. merch though so there’s some charity for ya!