CAC Shop

Welcome! We’ve got high quality Castelli and Pedal Mafia bibs, caps, jackets jerseys and vests; “District” tees that are oh so soft, and so perfect for those post-ride debriefs and some bling for your vehicle too.

We wear our own gear and test it right here in the heart of the California Alps.

Show off your love of cycling in the Sierra Nevada,
or anywhere for that matter, and get yourself or someone you love some CAC Schwag!!

Come right in!

Above: Our little ol’ booth at the 2021 Deathride Expo.

Neither we, nor the elements here in the Sierra Nevada, are easy on stuff.

We worked directly with Castelli, and Pedal Mafia, on the artwork, fabric selection and technical specs that would translate well on the roads and trails here in the mountains (and beyond).

And, since we spend many hours in the saddle either climbing or descending (not a lot of flat here) we can vouch for the comfort on one hand and the warmth and wind protection on the other.

A Note About Sizing and Such

Some of us, including our founder, are a bit larger than the average cyclist. We’ve put some “sizing notes” in the item descriptions in the catalog itself, which you’ll see once you click into the store.

Some general info. however:

  • The tees fit true to size.
  • Neither the Castelli nor the Pedal Mafia jerseys are club fit, but they’re not racing fit either. A nice balance we think.
  • Mark is 6’2″ and ~225 lbs and wears XXL Castelli bibs, jerseys and vests.
  • Pedal Mafia though fit a little large on the bottom half of the kit and so its an XL there. Still an XXL up top, though.
  • The caps are one size fits most.
  • If you have any questions about anything, shoot Mark an email at