The Deathride (aka The Tour of the California Alps) Cometh!

Yup, it’s that annual right of passage that takes place right here in the little town of Markleeville, this Saturday, July 14th. The 200 or so residents, including yours truly (and my wife and two felines), will soon be joined by a few thousand others.

Thanks to CalTrans (and our local Chamber of Commerce, as well as a bunch of volunteers) the roads are ready, signage is up and most importantly, the port-a-potties are in place.

Oh, and speaking of CalTrans…They’ll be doing a bit of rock etc. clean up on Friday so that the roads are as clear of debris as they can be for Saturday. If you see ’em please be sure to thank them. They do a lot to keep our roads in order.

Road closure sign - Hwy 88 and 89 junction
Yeah, that’s right. No cars until noon. Sweet!
Ebbett's Pass closed sign
And…no cars on Ebbett’s for a good chunk of time, too.

For those of you who’ll be joining me, and other members of California Alps Cycling, we urge you to be safe and obey the rules. Please say thanks to the folks in the town who are supporting (and in some cases, tolerating) us because it is a bit disruptive, you know?

For the locals who are putting up with us and our crazy ways, THANK YOU! WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!

We invite riders, support crews and residents to stop by our booth tomorrow. We’ll have some cool t-shirts for sale and you can pre-order your Castelli CA Alps kit too.

castelli jersey
The jersey from our CA Alps Cycling kit.

And, we’ll be happy to regale you with stories from last year, give you suggestions and answer any questions that you may have. 

We wish you good luck on your ride and remind you to ride your own ride and remember to have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself. And, when you get to the top of Carson, you can add your name to “the Board” and be memorialized for all time!

victory board_deathride2017
As a Five-Pass Finisher in 2017, I was honored to add my name to “the Board.”

Have a great day on the bike, be safe and Let’s Kick Some Passes’ Asses! ™


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