Meecha at the Top ‘O Ebbett’s

Yesterday, I left C.A.C. HQ here in Markleeville to hook up with Charlie and James at the top ‘o the pass. They were starting from the Bear Valley side. We all left about 7:30 a.m. and thinking that the mileage for each of us was about the same, 18 miles, we planned on a 9:30 a.m. meet up.

‘Twas a beautiful morning on the pass, with lots of wildflowers (too focused to stop and take pix, my bad) and no wind. The Carson River, Silver Creek and Cascade Creek were all flowing nicely and all crystal clear blue, green and yes, even silver.

Our plan came together nicely. As I rose over the last little crest at about 9:40 a.m. I could see Charlie and James waiting for me; they had just arrived and were snapping some photos. Before heading down, we took a few minutes to do the same.

Thats Charlie and his trusty steed there on the left, and on the right is James and me. The descent into Markleeville was speedy and fun, especially for me, because I knew I wasn’t going back up after lunch, and it was getting a bit toasty.

We all hit the Alps Haus Cafe for some amazing sandwiches and I headed back to HQ to do some much needed chores, while the boyz headed back up the pass and down the south side into Bear Valley.

Beauty day indeed! Thanks for the company, gents.

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