A Bit O’ Litter Collecting Near Markleeville

Yesterday I took a walk from town to Camp Markleeville and back and thought I’d pick up some litter along the way. Thankfully, the road conditions “litter-wise” were nothing like the image below!


Here’s my tally:

  • 4 beer cans
  • A couple bottles
  • About 5 of those plastic tabs used on roads before they are paved
  • A two-foot piece of frayed plastic rope
  • A small piece of styrofoam-like plastic wrap
  • A large Taco Bell cup.

What I didn’t see:

  • No Gu “wrappers”
  • No Powerbar or similar wrappers
  • No accidently discarded cycling water bottles
  • No banana peels
  • Basically, nothing that a cyclist would drop (either intentionally, or not).

So all in all not too bad (especially compared to Bay Area roads) but I was especially impressed with my fellow cyclists.

No cycling related garbage at all! Well done cyclists and thank you for keeping the area clean of debris. You rock!

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